Meaghan Oppenheimer

Meaghan Oppenheimer is a well-known American actress, screenwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Oppenheimer has worked as a producer in Tell Me Lies, Queen America, and Broken series. Meaghan is also known for writing in Fear the Walking Dead and Tell Me Lies. The actress is famous for her portrayals in stalkTALK, How to Marry a Billionaire […]

Gwen McTavish

Who is Gwen McTavish? Gwen McTavish is an American celebrity spouse and filmmaker known as Graham McTavish‘s adored wife. Graham McTavish is a Scottish actor and novelist best known for his performance as Dwalin in the Hobbit film trilogy. How old is Gwen McTavish? Gwen McTavish celebrates her birthday on 27th January, and she was […]

Charlet Duboc

Charlet Duboc is a Filmmaker and a British Journalist. She is a multitalented star well-known for on-screen hosting and a documentary producer at VICE Media. She wrote for The Guardian, the Observer, and she appeared on CNN. Early life Charlet Duboc was born on 6 September 1984 in Surrey, United Kingdom. She grew up in […]