Christiane Plante

Who is Christiane Plante? Christiane Plante is renowned as an American-born model. She grabbed people’s attention after she had an affair with Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan is known for wrestling. Hulk is a twelve-time world champion, a six-time WWF Champion, and a six-time WVW World Heavyweight Champion. He also has a notable acting career, with […]

Tinglan Hong

Who is Tinglan Hong? Tinglan Hong is well-known as a former Chinese-British restaurant hostess. She is also known as the ex-girlfriend of English actor Hugh Grant. She has worked at a Chinese restaurant in London and has two children with Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant is renowned as an English actor and a film producer who […]

Cheryl Bonacci

Who is Cheryl Bonacci? Cheryl Bonacci is a famous American consultant, philanthropist, and executive director who gained huge fame and the limelight after linking with a renowned celebrity, Arsenio Hall. However, Bonacci and Hall’s relationship couldn’t last long, and they broke up after dating for a couple of years. Bonacci’s ex-boyfriend, Arsenio, is a T.V. […]

Mindy Lawton

Mindy Lawton is a famous American personality who gained fame and limelight as a mistress of a famous golfer, Tiger Woods. Mindy’s ex-boyfriend, Eldrick Tont Woods, ranked second in men’s major championships and is widely regarded as the greatest golfer of all time and renowned athlete in history. Once, Tiger was an inductee of the […]

Barbara Alba

Barbara Alba is a well-known American personality who gained fame and limelight after being romantically linked with famous star Pitbull. Unfortunately, Alba and Pitbull decided to end their relationship in 2011. Barbara’s ex-boyfriend, Pitbull is an American rapper and singer known for his songs Dame Tu Cosita, Gasolina, Timber, Give Me Everything, Feel This Moment, […]

Angela Victoria Johnson

Angela Victoria Johnson is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of Kyle Chrisley. Her name popped up and made headlines when people wondered who the mother of Kyle Chrisley’s daughter named Chloe was. Kyle Chrisley was found fathered a child with a mysterious lady in 2012, the name of the woman was out, and it was Angela […]