Ryan Cummings is a cheerleader from North Carolina who has won several titles with the Cheer Extreme All-Stars team. She became known as the ‘Smug Cheerleader’ and ‘the sassy girl from Twitter’ when a Twitter user shared a video from her involvement in the ‘Spirit of Hope National Championship’ in Charlotte in early 2018.

Her caustic demeanor rapidly went viral, with millions of users witnessing and sharing it to express various emotions, many of which were amusing. As a result, she has two ‘Triple Crown Titles,’ two ‘The Majors Championships,’ and four summit championships under her belt in competitive cheering.

She signed a deal with Nfinity, a women’s apparel company, in 2018 and made her debut as a Nfinity girl later that year. She attended the Nfinity Generation Next Camp in 2017.

She is an Instagram celebrity with 368k followers who also has her own YouTube channel. She has also appeared in several episodes of the Sr Elite Beneath The Crown series on the official ‘Cheer Extreme’ YouTube channel.

Quick Wiki
Full NameRyan Cummings
Date of BirthApril 26, 2004
Birth PlaceHigh Point, North Carolina
ProfessionInstagram Star
Age26 year
Weight45 Kg
Height5 feet 2 inches
Body Measurement30-24-35 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Net Worth$5 million


On April 26, 2004, Ryan Cummings was born in High Point, North Carolina, in the United States. Melissa is her mother’s name. She began performing as a child and has continued to do so since 2007.

She participates in the ‘Senior Large All Girl 5’ class for the Cheer Extreme squad. Her favorite coach is Darnell Harris. She particularly enjoys how cheering has helped her develop strong bonds with her colleagues. Two of her fellow cheerleaders, Kenley Pope and Bailey Lukens, are close friends who routinely appear on each other’s YouTube channels and social media feeds.

Ryan Cummings plans to major in zoology or biology at North Carolina State University. Her long-term career goal is to be a veterinarian. She is the owner of a cat. Her favorite YouTuber is Emma Chamberlain, a rising star on the platform.

ryan cummings
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Rise to fame

Ryan Cummings became famous by accident in January 2018 when a brief video of her snarky facial expression was converted into a meme that was liked and shared by millions of people. With the Cheer Extreme All-Stars Senior Elite team, she competed in the ‘Spirit of Hope National Championship’ in Charlotte.

The camera focused on her face as Ryan Cummings prepared to deliver a high-energy performance while wearing her game face, capturing her vicious and determined demeanor. She and her teammates won the competition after flawlessly executing a series of coordinated backflips, jumps, and stunts.

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A few days later, the video of their performance was made public, and a Twitter user with the handle @SEtotheleft saw the characteristic look and used a tiny clip from the video to make a GIF graphic to send his message.

In a few days, the video had received over 40 million views, and people were sharing it with funny captions like “when my instructor asks me a question assuming I’m not paying attention, but I answer it properly.” The meme quickly became extremely popular, making her an overnight internet sensation.

ryan cummings
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Additional Information

Ryan Cummings told BuzzFeed that having her “face on so many social media platforms” originally worried her but that she subsequently recognized “it’s ridiculous and sort of bizarre and entertaining.” “I want my squad to kill it,” she stated she was thinking at the moment she crafted the outfit.

Nonetheless, the small video of her emotion made her a global celebrity and made her a name in her community. Her friends were among the numerous people who shared her meme, and even her professors were aware of her spectacular rise to fame. Her mother, who saw the video soon after, found it humorous.

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Like other kids in the digital era, Ryan Cummings took advantage of her widespread fame by boosting her social media pages with additional photos and videos from cheering sessions and events. She has had a Twitter account since 2015, and she started posting on Instagram in March 2018.

Ryan Cummings also started a YouTube account in April 2018, although she only started uploading videos in late December 2018 and has only published three videos so far. She got endorsement arrangements with big brands like Nfinity as a result.

But, unfortunately, like many others before her, her dream that her viral popularity would lead her to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ was not achieved.

ryan cummings
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Net Worth

Ryan Cummings has earned a good amount of money during her career years. Her total net worth is about $5 million, which will further increase in the future.


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