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Ben Kingsley

About Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley is an amazing actor known for his numerous achievements and honors in the field of acting. He is best known for his lead role in the movie Gandhi where he portrayed the character of prominent character, Mohandas Gandhi. Early life Kingsley was born on 31st December of 1943 in the […]

Gina Gershon

About Gina Gershon Gershon is an actress, singer as well as author. She is have played lots of hit movies in the past and is also currently playing in the drama series called Riverdale, portraying the character of Glady Jones. Early life Gershon was born on 10th June of 1962 in the largest city of […]

Cicely Tyson

About Cicely Tyson Cicely Tyson is a famous actress with countless honors and achievements and best known for her strong character and personality as an African-American woman. Early life Tyson was born on 19th December of 1924 in the Harlem of New York City. Thus, she belongs to American nationality. Her full name is Cicely […]