Nicole Taffer is a very loving and supportive wife of Jon Taffer, a consultant and entrepreneur. She is known for hard work and dedication toward making the show Bar Rescue Sucessful. Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue helped her gain huge popularity and spotlight. Most searched about Nicole is Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue and Relationship between Nicole and Jon Taffer.

Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue
Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue. Image Source: Paramount Network

Nicole Taffer made her appearance as a Market Recon Specialist in 11 episodes of ‘Bar Rescue” from 2011 to 2013. She even played the role of an unknown and unexpected guest to the pubs the show would be collaborating with, which could be helpful later on to determine the level of the team.

In addition, she worked as an additional crew, showed her outstanding acting skill, and help to make the series successful.

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Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue

Nicole Taffer appeared in eleven episodes in the series Bar Rescue. Her first appearance was as Market Recon Specialist in the episode Fallen Angeles in 2011.

In the same year, she appeared in other more episodes: Shabby Abbey, Beach Bummer, Swanky Troubles, The Blue Frog Sings the Blues, Bad to the Bones, Chumps, and Bar Fight.

In 2012 she was seen in episodes such as Yo-Ho-Ho and a Botte of Dumb,  Don’t Mess with Taffer’s Wife. And Bottomless Pit. Her last appearance was on episode Ripper’s Rookie House in 2015, where she appeared as a Market Recon specialist.

Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue
Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue. Image Source: 2paragraphs

Jon Start on Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue

Jon Start was always supporting Nicole Taffer to become a successful person. But, unfortunately, Nicole didn’t receive any media spotlight over Bar Rescue’s run by making sporadic appearances in different episodes.

But during an interview, Jon thanked her and appreciated her hard work behind the scenes. As per some sources, she often acted as Jon’s scout when surveying bars to help him.

He also mentioned that she went undercover to see what kind of a bind these bars. She did all of his recon work. She even dyed her hair brown so she could help him without being recognized.

Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue
Nicole Taffer role in Bar Rescue. Image Source: Biography Tribune

Nicole Taffer Off-screen

With the help of this show, many restaurants, cafes, bars, and other types of pubs that are unable to make their space in the market and were struggling with the financial crisis were aided by Taffer.

She has contributed a lot more than what is actually seen on the screen. She has been motivating Jon and showing him his path for so long. She is the one helping Jon in finding new ideas and curving the path for his success.

Nicole feels women need to feel safe and comfortable in every place they travel. So by doing so and showing some importance would be good for the well-being of the business.

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