Dave Baksh is a songwriter, musician, singer, and record producer from Canada. He is also popular for being the guitarist of the band “Sum 41.” Dave was also part of the musical project “Brown Brigade.” He was also associated with the band “Organ Thieves” as a guitarist.

Quick WikiMusician
Full NameDavid Nizam Baksh
Date of Birth26th July, 1980
Birth PlaceAjax, Ontario, Canada
Body MeasurementsUnknown
SpouseKendra Emmett
Age40 years old
Weight75 kg
Height5 feet 10 inches
Net Worth$8 million


The birthplace of Dave Baksh is Ajax, Ontario, Canada. He came into the world on  26th July 1980. His current age is 40 years old. There are not many details of his family, siblings, and childhood available. He belongs to the “Indo-Guyanese” ethnicity.


Why did Dave Baksh leave “Sum 41”?

The main reason behind the departure of Dave Baksh from the rock band “Sum 41” by Dave was the increasing competition in the Rock genre and the decreasing charm of the music of the band as per his experience in the radio station.

Dave Baksh
                Dave with his band members of “Sum 41” (Source: dave_brownsound)

Dave had given an interview regarding the same matter to mtv.com. He started noticing the decreasing charm of the band during 2002. Dave noticed a lack of attention received from the media. It took him two years to decide for leaving the group in 2004.

Moreover, Dave started feeling a lack of opportunity in creating magic with his guitar. He felt the business was losing its soul and emotions. Dave didn’t enjoy the decreasing trend of playing music.


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Likewise, after observing the changing scenario of the musical band, “Brown Brigade” became a source of inspiration for Dave. He also found a lack of challenge in becoming part of “Sum 41.” He wanted to get a real taste of the music. Similarly, he wanted to pay tribute to his inspiring musical bands like Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth.

Moreover, Dave also added that he felt “Sum 41” losing its sense of humor and was moving towards the darker side. This is when he found the involvement more in the funny and joyful content. And “The Brown Brigade” became the platform to get into the heart of the people.

Dave Baksh became part of “Sum 41” in 1997. He was the third member to join the band. Steve Jockz and Deryck Whibley had founded the musical band in 1996. He then. became the lead guitarist of the band. Dave was a backup vocalist of the band. He received various pet names during his time in the band. Dave earned the name like “Pleasure”, “Dave Brownsound”, “Hot Chocolate”, and “Eddie Van Halen.” He left the band in 2006 and joined the band again in 2015.

Dave Baksh
Image Source Guitar,com


The soul of every musician is the equipment that they use to create the music. Their instruments are their friends of both good and bad times. Similarly, Dave Baksh also has the same love for his equipment. Fender Stratocaster is popular not only as one of the best electric guitars but also the wand of Dave. Dave has used the Stratocaster to create huge hits and make the crowd go crazy with his dancing fingers on the string.

Leo Fender along with Freddie Travares, George Fullerton, and Bill Carson had designed the model Fender Stratocaster between 1952 and 1954. The same brand became available for the public in 1954. The company started creating comfortable guitars for beginners to the mainstream artist.


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The name of the wife of Dave Baksh is Kendra Emmett. There are not many details of Kendra Emmett. Although Dave Bajksh loves sharing pictures of his wife and son on Instagram, Kendra loves to keep her private life to herself.



The couple is happy parents of two children of a daughter and a boy. They met for the first time in 2015. The birthday of Kendra is on 6th August. The couple has kept the details of children private in order to make them enjoy a normal life. She is a pet lover.

Dave Baksh
   Dave her wife ( Source: dave_brownsound)

Net Worth

Dave Baksh has been part of the music fraternity for more than twenty years. According to the website celebritynetworth, he has an approximate net worth of $8 million.


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