Bren Foster, who is best known for his role as Wolf-Man Taylor in the American action-drama, is an Australian actor and martial artist born on 2nd November 1976 in London, England. There is no information about his parents and the work they did. He has citizenship of 3 nations British, Australia, and America. He is determined, brave, loyal, honest, ambitious, and goal-oriented like a Scorpio. 

Quick Infos
Full NameBren Foster
Date of birth2nd November 1976
Birth PlaceLondon, England
OccupationActor, Martial Artist
Weight79 kg
Height5 ft 11 in
NationalityAustralian, American, British
Net worth$250,000

Who is Bren Foster?

Bren Foster is an Australian actor. The only information we have is that he moved to Australia after 3 years of his birth, and he has Cypriot, Irish, and English descent. Bren Foster has established himself in the athletic field also as he is a black belt athlete in taekwondo, hapkido, and hwarangdo. In addition, he has established himself in the entertainment industry through his roles in projects like “Days of our Lives” “Cedar Boys.” 

How old is Bren Foster?

One of the most brilliant actors, Bren Foster, was born on November 2, 1978, in London, England. Talking about the age of Bren Foster, he is now 48 years old. He has achieved so much in his career, and there is a lot more to come. So we wish him all the best for his upcoming days.


Bren Foster
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What is the academic qualification of Bren Foster?

The actor was interested in acting and was determined to pursue acting as a career from his childhood. After he completed his high schooling, he studies Film and Video Production. Bren Foster felt incomplete after studying Film and Video production. He then wanted to move forward and started to sharpen his artistic development. He then studied acting in “The Barrow Group Theater” in New York.

After, that he went back to Australia and attended “The University of Western School.” He also spent 2 years of his years in the acting school “The Actors Pulse” at Sanford Meisner. 


How did Bren Foster start his Career?

Bren Foster made his film debut from the 2001 American fantasy/martial arts movie “Invincible” as Shadowman #2 and made his television debut from the drama series “East-West 101” alongside Isla Fisher and Jude Law


Bren Foster movies 

Bren Foster appeared as Jamal Ayoub in the 2009 Australian movie based on the life of middle eastern young adults in western Sydney, which gave him a big break he needed. He was chosen for the role of Michael McCullough in the 2011 film “Venger” the same year he appeared as Bone in the 2011 “Bad to Bone,” as John Ellis in the American war film “War Flowers.”

The following year he starred in the action thriller movie “Maximum Conviction” as Bradley. In 2013 he was chosen for the role of Roman Hurst in the action crime film “Force of Execution.” However, his acting skills could not be ignored. He appeared as Agente Stipe in the 2015 Australian science fiction movie “Terminus” and as Morgan Jackler in the Australian science fiction movie “Infini” that same year.

He also appeared in another science fiction movie, “science fiction volume one: the Osiris child,” as Charles Kreat. His most recent work is Lucas in the 2020 science fiction natural horror film “Deep Blue Sea 3” alongside Steve Blum and Rachel Weisz


Bren Foster TV Shows

Bren Foster has made a significant contribution to the television industry also. In 2007-2008 he appeared as Tony in the Australian television soap opera “Home and Away,” as LEUT Cliff Bailey in the Australian television drama “Sea Patrol” (2009), as Quinn Hudson in the American daytime soap opera “Days of our Lives” which was broadcasted on NBC. 

He has also done guest appearances in television shows such as “The Strip” (2008) as Russell Keegan in episode #1.2, “Review with Myles Barlow” (2008) as Novio de Kelley in episode #1.3, “Femme Fatales” (2011) as Howard in the episode “Something like murder,” and “Melissa and Joey” as Jules D. Sawyer.

Bren even had his own show “Fight Science” (2008-22010) which was broadcasted on National Geographic Channel in which scientists and martial arts masters worked together to analyze the world’s fighting techniques. He has also done voice-over, and motion capture works for the video game “Mad Max” in 2015.

Bren Foster gained fame and recognition from the 2011-2012 American soap opera “Days of Our Lives” as Quinn Hudson and the 2015-2018 American action-drama television series “The Last Ship” alongside Alison Araya and Sean Depner as Wolf-man Taylor. 


Bren Foster
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Who is Bren married to?

This charming man and excellent actor are happily married to his long-time girlfriend Chelsea Castes. The couple started dating in 2006 and are together with each other for more than 15 years.

The wonderful couple has 3 children Arielle Jean Foster, Annabelle Kim Jale Foster, and Bren Foster. The couple is still in love like a new couple, and there are no rumors about their separation. 

He enjoys traveling, bodybuilding, staying fit, and doing taekwondo. He is an expert in taekwondo and is even a martial artist. 

Does Bren Foster have Social Media accounts? 

The actor has become a cult figure in social media, where he keeps his fans updated about himself and his further plans. In addition, he is very active in social media. His Instagram account is @brenfosterreal and has 56.2k followers, and his Twitter account is @BrenFosterReal and has 19.2k followers. 


Bren Foster
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How much is the Current Net worth of Foster?

Bren Foster has worked in more than 15 TV shows, appeared in more than 8/9 movies, and earned respect, money, and fans. He has a net worth of $250,000, and his main source of income is the entertainment industry and martial arts. In addition, he owns two BMW, one black-colored and the other white-colored. 


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