Choosing the most relevant show or movie for your movie night can be a difficult task, so you should make sure that the movie or show you choose is appropriate for everyone to watch, the theme is entertaining, and, most importantly, that the visual quality is excellent. Various streaming sites provide an extensive range to pick from, including a limitless number of TV series and movies. But, with the number of streaming services constantly expanding, which platforms you should choose from? 

Below, we have mentioned the top five sites for high-quality information that you can always rely on. Moving forward, you make sure that your internet connection is reliable and provides fast speed internet, if you are in search of one, we recommend you to check out Spectrum Internet for constantly fast speed internet. It will provide you lag-free streaming experience without any data caps so you can enjoy streaming as much as you can without any hassle. 

Returning to streaming services, we have selected a few of the top 5 platforms for you that provide you with the greatest and highest-quality TV series and movies. So, without further delay, here’s the list to look into it: 


This streaming service is especially famous among students. If you have a library card or an email address given by your university, you can use Kanopy streaming services for free. It has a large selection of high-quality movies and documentaries.


When an HD feed is available, and your internet connection enables it, you can stream movies in high definition. Another fascinating aspect of Kanopy is the kids’ section, which has content for young children suitable for viewers aged two and above. Every month, Kanopy Kids allows children to watch an endless amount of educational and amusing videos, such as movies, TV shows, animated storybooks, and more. From there, you may access a wide range of instructional and entertaining content for both children and adults. All the content is ad-free and requires only a library card to access. 


Netflix is, without a doubt, one of the most popular online streaming providers, with the most high-quality, original TV shows. Its members can watch new movies every month, keeping them interested in what they will see in the coming month. It is also the most popular choice among users due to its original content, ease of use, and lack of ads. Most of the content available on Netflix is in HD quality. If your device does not allow HD streaming, you should contact the device’s operator. 


Netflix’s library of premium and exclusionary content is constantly expanding, allowing it to outperform its competitors. You can watch iconic TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, Friends, Suits, Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory, as well as Netflix originals such as Black Mirror, The Witcher, Peaky Blinders, Dangerous Lies, and many more. 

NBC’s Peacock

This streaming service has three rates based on the number of hours and content you wish to watch. The free ad-supported plan includes 13,000 hours of high-quality video. In addition, live sports, clip-based channels, and over 20,000 hours of material are available with the Premium package. On the other hand, Premium Plus includes all the premium content but no advertisements. 


The Peacock premium plan is completely worth acquiring because it is one of the cheapest streaming services plans in the market, and the range of famous content it offers delivers some of the best rates in any plan. The disadvantage is that you cannot watch on-demand shows like The Office, Seinfeld, or Friends. On the other hand, the Peacock streaming service from NBC is well-known for its great original shows such as 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Cheers, and others. 

Users will also build customized channels, such as those with live events, a trending feed, or specific content preferences. These will provide content to folks who do not wish to make particular decisions about watching. NBC will also make several virtual channels available to Peacock users. Some will watch Saturday Night Live episodes, while others will watch indie films, true crime dramas, comedies, and, yes, Law & Order programs and their 5 million variants.

Final Words

There you have it. Here’s our top pick for the 3 best sites to watch movies and TV shows in 2022 with high picture quality. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to check which suits you best to fulfill your entertainment cravings. 

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