Anjali Ramkissoon is a renowned American doctor who came into the limelight after posting a video of her name Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car. Anjali Ramkissoon Career has been in Ups and Downs. Her reputation has been down after this video went viral on the internet, where she attacked an Uber driver in Miami. She is recognized for her unethical behavior, as she was supposed to save people’s life not injure them. The most searched about Anjali is Anjali Ramkissoon Career.

Anjali Ramkissoon Career
Anjali Ramkissoon Career Image Source: ABC News

Anjali Ramkissoon Carrer as a doctor began after receiving a degree in neurology from the University of Miami. She completed her high school studies at the North Miami Beach High School. Then, she began working at the primary teaching hospital of the Jackson Memorial. She has majored in headaches and sleep medicine. Anjali received her undergraduate studies at Barry University in Miami and studied at St. George University Medical School in Grenada.

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More about Anjali Ramkissoon Career

Anjali Ramkissoon gained fame and backlashes after her video went viral over the internet. Her video was titled Drunk Gril Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car!. Ramkissoon was attacking an uber driver and destroying his car in that video which was very frustrating.

She got massive backlashes due to her behaviors. Many people criticized and said that the doctor should protect the people’s life not harm that. As per some sources, she sat on a Uber without reservation, and the driver denied taking her, so she got angry and aggressive.

Anjali Ramkissoon Career
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Anjali Ramkissoon’s Controversies

Anjali punched and kicked the Uber driver after he refused to take her. She got into an Uber without a reservation, due to which the Uber driver denied taking her afterward. She got angry and started punching him. She threw a cell phone and pieces of paper and receipts and shouted at the driver. This controversy had a significant effect on her career. Anjali also used terrible words at the driver and said Get F*** in the car, you piece of f***ing disgusting s***.

Uber drive called the police and showed his bruises by her attack, and she mocked him, saying that I am a 5 feet tall girl who weighs 50kg, and I am getting belligerent right now. Uber driver said that he came to pick up his passenger Juan Cinco, but she eventually got into it, and his passenger Juan uploaded the video on the YouTube channel. This video gained more than 7 million views.

Anjali Ramkissoon Career
Anjali Ramkissoon Career Image Source: NY Daily News

What is Anjali Ramkissoon’s current status?

After this video was uploaded, she was fired from the hospital she was working in in April 2016. Anjali only left the Uber after police came in to control the situation. Juan told that Anjali cried, apologized, and claimed she might lose her medical license in an interview. So, that Uber driver didn’t take any legal action and took some cash to repair the damage. Anjali also said that she is ashamed and sorry to the people she has hurt till now.


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